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Will Having An Attorney At My First Appearance Make A Difference?

Having an attorney at your first appearance makes a difference because the attorney is not only looking out to make sure that the process is going as it should and that your rights are being protected, but also sends the message to the prosecutor and the judge that case will be fought. It will certainly also help your stress level to know that someone who is very familiar with the court system is looking out for you and navigating on your behalf.

If A Warrant Is Issued, Will Having An Attorney Allow Me To Turn Myself In?

If a warrant is issued and you have an attorney, there is a good chance that the prosecuting attorney will let your lawyer know that there is a warrant, so you can turn yourself in. Sometimes an attorney can even make arrangements to avoid a warrant being issued. It is certainly beneficial to have an attorney if you have a warrant and want to turn yourself in.

How Can Having An Attorney Before A Bond Hearing Help In Getting A Lower Bond Or No Bond?

Having an attorney at your bond hearing can be beneficial because the judge will realize that you are intending to fight the case. When the judge is making a bond decision, they have to look at two things. First, whether you are likely to re-appear on the case if they release you. Second, what the danger to the public safety may be. Having an attorney may help the judge indicate that if this person is spending time and energy in having an attorney, they are likely to come back to court when summoned.

Should I Contact An Attorney Prior To Being Arrested No Matter How Small The Offense?

Some people feel confident going into court for a misdemeanor offense or for a traffic ticket. Representing yourself for a traffic ticket is not going to have a huge impact on your future. If you are facing any type of offense for which you might actually go to jail, then you may want to consider contacting an attorney, because more serious offenses have a lot more of an impact on your future.

If Someone Invokes His Or Her Right To An Attorney, Doesn’t That Make Them Look Guilty?

The constitution guarantees your right to remain silent, so invoking your constitutional rights does not make you look guilty. It means that you are an aware citizen who is exercising their rights, nothing more and nothing less. When law enforcement interrogates people when they are in custody, they have to read them their Miranda Rights. Those rights are saying, “If you talk to us, we are going to find a way to use this against you”. It is a warning. Invoking your right to an attorney or your right to remain silent is a wise choice.

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