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What Are The Sentencing Guidelines For Someone Convicted Of A Drug Offense In Minnesota?

The sentencing guidelines vary widely depending on the level of offense someone is charged with as well as their prior criminal history. For example, if you’re charged with a gross misdemeanor possession for possessing methamphetamine and you don’t have any prior drug offenses or felony offenses, the sentencing guidelines would presume that you’re going to be placed on probation. They presume that you won’t be convicted of the offense. You’ll be on probation, and if you complete probation, your case would get dismissed.

The other end of the spectrum is if you’re charged with a first degree drug offense and have a lengthy criminal history. You could potentially be looking at 40 years in prison for selling a significant quantity of drugs.

How Important Is It For Your Client To Fully Understand All Of The Options Before They Make Any Decision Moving Forward? Understand What It Means To Take A Case To Trial? Understand What It Means To Take A Plea Bargain?

It’s incredibly important for the client to understand all of their options. It’s not only important so that they can make a good decision, but also so they know how it’s going to affect their life moving forward in the short-term if they’re on probation, as well as in the long-term. Having a felony conviction on your record can impact your ability to obtain housing, get a job, go back to school, and get student loans in some circumstances. Therefore, it’s crucial that an individual understands all of the aspects of their case, including the evidence against them and how being convicted or on probation for an offense can impact their life moving forward.

Why Is It So Important To Work With An Experienced Defense Attorney Who Has First-Hand Experience In Defending Drug Charges To Represent Me In My Case?

It’s important to work with an experienced attorney because your life’s at stake. You may not be facing a life in prison sentence, but it is going to affect the rest of your life. If your case is handled poorly or by somebody without experience, you may end up with a conviction on your record that could have been prevented. You may end up with terms of probation that are too onerous or unnecessary, which can set you up to fail. Having an experienced attorney fighting for you, advocating for you, and being there to look out for the best case scenario and your interest is imperative in ensuring that the impact of a conviction, if there is one, is mitigated and reduced.

How Does Your Personality, Experience, And Approach Help Your Clients Who Are Going Up Against Drug Charges?

Many of my clients have told me in the past that I explain things very well to them. They feel they know all of their options. I’ve been known to sit down and diagram with clients the possible scenarios of what we can do for them in their case. We make sure that they understand all of their options and the consequences of each of their options. My clients tend to leave with more information than they thought they were going to get, but they also leave feeling confident. By gaining a better understanding of the criminal court system, they feel confident about making the best decisions for themselves.

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