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How Drug Possession In Hennepin County Is Charged

In this article, you will learn:

  • How drug possession in Hennepin County is handled
  • The likelihood of jail time for drug possession
  • How drug possession is evaluated by drug court

Drug possession could be a petty misdemeanor, or it could be a felony level offense; it depends on the amount of drug that is possessed. If it’s marijuana and is less than 42.5 grams, that is a petty misdemeanor, not a criminal offense. If you’re charged with a different controlled substance like methamphetamine or heroin or cocaine, the amount is going to determine whether you are charged with a gross misdemeanor or a felony. If you have any prior drug convictions, it will certainly be a felony level offense regardless of the amount of drugs. The potential penalties could range from probation, a year in jail, to up to 40 years in prison depending on the level of charge that you are facing.

Facing Jail Time For Drug Possession Other Than Marijuana On A First Offense

If you were arrested for possession of a drug other than marijuana, it is possible that you could face jail time. It’s also possible that a plea negotiation could be reached to both keep the conviction off your record and to avoid jail time. Sometimes, this outcome is possible even after trial if there is a guilty verdict.

Clearing Your Record Of A Drug Possession Conviction In Minnesota

If you’ve been convicted of drug possession for any type of drug offense, whether it’s marijuana or a different drug like methamphetamine, heroin, or cocaine, it is possible to seek an expungement to have your record sealed. In order to seek an expungement, you have to complete probation and then wait for a period of time, generally seven years, for a felony offense before you can apply to have your record sealed.

Eligibility For Drug Court With a First Or Second Offense Drug Possession Conviction In Minnesota

Typically, the people who participate in drug court have had prior drug convictions or offenses. Drug court is considered an intensive program. It’s designed for people who need a bit of additional support that regular probation cannot provide, or for people who would be typically facing a prison sentence but to whom the prosecutor or the court wants to give a chance to stay out of prison, so they may require them to participate in drug court. So, it is possible if you have a second, third, or more drug offense to still be eligible for drug court program.

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