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How To Know If The Sale Of Drugs Is A Misdemeanor Or A Felony Offense In Minnesota

In this article, you will learn:

  • The penalties for drug distribution in Minnesota
  • How drug distribution can result in jail time
  • If drug distribution charges are eligible for drug court in Minnesota

The sale of drugs in Minnesota is a felony-level offense.

Penalties For A Drug Distribution Conviction In Minnesota

Penalties for a drug distribution or sale conviction in Minnesota can range from probation if you are convicted of a fifth-degree sale, or could include up to 40 years in prison if you’re convicted of a first-degree sale.

The Possibility Of Facing Jail Time For Drug Distribution Charges On A First Offense

If you’re charged with felony marijuana sale or distribution, it is possible that you could be facing jail or prison time. The likelihood of that will be dependent on the facts of your case, including how many sales there were, and the quantity of drugs that are alleged to have been sold. It’s important to consult with an attorney to be able to get the best advice, to be informed of the particular risks of jail or prison specific to the allegations in your case.

Expunging Your Record If Convicted Of Drug Distribution In Minneapolis

It’s possible to seek an expungement of your record for conviction after a drug sale after you complete probationary sentence and have a waiting period. Typically for a felony, it is seven years after the completion of probation that you have to wait before you can apply for an expungement.

Getting Into Drug Court For A Drug Distribution Conviction In Minnesota

Every county has their own requirements for the types of offenses that they will allow into drug court. Many counties will not consider someone charged with a drug sale or distribution. It’s also possible to negotiate for an amended charge of drug possession rather than sale so that you can be eligible for drug court and of course, that would require the prosecutor’s approval and agreement.

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