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Why You Need Minnesota Weapon Charges Defense Attorney Jennifer Congdon To Take Aim At Your Case.

What are Minnesota’s Relevant Gun Laws?

Minnesota, MN does require a permit to carry a gun, but there is no distinction between concealed or open carry. To get a permit, you must complete a firearms safety course within one year of the permit application, undergo a criminal background check, and pay the applicable fee. While permits may be issued to a qualified applicant after a seven day waiting period, there are various reasons why an applicant may be deemed unqualified for a firearm permit, including the following

  • Under the age of 21
  • Prohibited from possessing guns by federal law
  • Listed in the state’s criminal gang investigation system
  • Convicted of assaulting a family member within three years
  • Convicted of a drug-related misdemeanor

Should you find yourself with a weapon charge because you fell into one of the options above in Minneapolis, a weapon charges defense attorney is your next step. Having an experienced lawyer for gun crime charges will help you navigate the complex world of firearm-related laws.

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Defending Clients' Weapon Charges In Minneapolis

Gun Charges Lawyer Minneapolis Minnesota

In Minnesota, MN a person generally has the right to carry a gun or pistol in a public place if they have the proper permit to carry a license. There are certain places where firearms are prohibited, with or without a permit, which include but are not limited to schools, daycares, correctional facilities or jails, courthouses, state buildings, federal facilities, and private establishments that have posted signs banning guns on their premises.

With the increased restrictions and regulations related to gun ownership rights in Minnesota, MN weapon charges have become more common. Finding the right gun charges lawyer can make the greatest difference in your case. Just because gun charges are becoming more common in Minneapolis, doesn’t mean that they are always appropriate. At Congdon Law Offices, we pride ourselves on our ability to defend law-abiding citizens and their right to bear arms. However, we understand that our clients come in different forms.

Why Can Weapon Charges Increase The Penalty Of Other Charges?

If you are in possession of a weapon without the legally required permits or training, you may be vulnerable to weapons charges. Authorities in Minnesota, MN especially Minneapolis, treat weapons charges seriously, which means they can have more severe, and in some cases, life-altering penalties. These charges will increase the penalty if they are committed in conjunction with another crime.

Weapon charges, typically, are charged as felonies and come with more significant consequences. Those include but are not limited to incarceration, heavy fines, and a permanent criminal record that could bar you from certain professional licenses or employment opportunities. Additionally, you may be subjected to added fines and the possibility of probation based on the severity of the charge. When there is a weapon present during an assault, robbery, sex crime, drug crime, and violent crime such as homicide it could add several more years to your sentence. It is important to have a weapons offenses attorney with the right experience to defend your case.

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How Our Gun Charges Defense Attorney Can Help

Gun Charges Lawyer Minneapolis Minnesota

Most people, when charged with a weapons violation in Minnesota, MN just want the whole frightening process to end as quickly as possible. With this eagerness to see it all be put to the rest, they believe that law enforcement is looking out for their best interest and trying to help. Many are willing to go with the flow and offer whatever information they ask for to expedite things.

Do not be like these people. When you are charged with a crime, the police and prosecutors are not your friends. They will do everything in their power to secure a conviction.

With an experienced lawyer for gun charges, you will have the help you need to navigate your upcoming criminal cases. With the additional severity that comes with weapons charges related to other criminal acts. It is important to lean on a professional who can make a difference in your case.

If you’re in trouble with the law and facing charges related to a firearm or other weapon, you need an experienced and dedicated gun charges defense attorney ready to defend you. The legal team, at Congdon Law, is ready to represent you to help you better understand the implications of your charges. Contact Jennifer Congdon to schedule your initial consultation today.

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