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Is It True That A DWI Conviction Will Prevent Me From Operating An ATV, A Snowmobile, Or A Boat In Minnesota?

If you are convicted of DWI or you lose your driver’s license because of an implied consent revocation, even before you’re convicted of a DWI, you’ll lose the ability to drive any vehicle that requires a license. If you are driving an ATV that requires a license, you will no longer be able to drive that vehicle.

Can I Lose The Ability To Drive A Motor Vehicle, If I Am Convicted Of DWI While Operating An ATV, A Snowmobile Or A Boat?

It is possible to lose your privileges to operate a motor vehicle if you are convicted of DWI while operating a different type of vehicle.

What Are Some Of The Distracted Driving Laws In Minnesota As Of August 2019?

As of August, 2019, there is a new hands-free cell phone law that is in effect in Minnesota. Essentially, you’re not allowed to use your phone for any purpose while you’re driving the vehicle. Driving includes while you’re at a stop sign or a stoplight. If you’re on the road and you’re not in the park, you cannot use your cell phone.

Could I Actually Face Criminal Charges For Talking On My Cellphone While Driving In Minnesota?

The charges you may face, if you’re caught using your cell phone in non-hands free mode, would be petty misdemeanors. For the first violation, there’s a $50 fine. For subsequent violations, the fine increases to $275. It is not technically a criminal offense and is more like a speeding ticket.

How Could Charges Be Enhanced In A Distracted Driving Case If It Involves An Auto Wreck?

If you are involved in an accident that causes injury or death, there are different standards that law enforcement and prosecutors will look at. If you are being negligent or grossly negligent, the type of charge you may face will depend on your level of negligence. It may be presumed if you were using your phone, that you caused the accident by negligence. Then, the standard of negligence will depend on your individual circumstances and the circumstances of the accident. It is very possible that you could be held to a higher standard because of this hands-free law.

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