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Are Drug DUI Charges Brought In Lieu Of Other Drug Charges Like Possession?

Drug DUI charges are not brought in lieu of other charges like possession; if a prosecutor thinks that they can, they will charge an individual with both possession and DUI.

Do You Find Drug DUI Cases Easier To Defend Than Alcohol DUI Cases?

Drug DUI cases are not necessarily easier or harder to defend than alcohol DUI cases. However, they tend to have different types of defenses because whether or not someone is actually under the influence of a drug will depend significantly on their metabolism, when they took the drug, and the circumstances surrounding the usage of the drug. For these reasons, drug DUI cases are more fact-dependent and less clear-cut than alcohol DUI cases.

If My Second DUI Was Drug Related And The First Was Alcohol Related, Will That Change Anything With Regard To How The Case Will Be Handled?

In Minnesota, there is no difference between the charge and penalties for a DUI involving alcohol and a DUI involving drugs.

Will I Be Required To Have An Ignition Interlock Device Installed In My Vehicle For A Drug DUI Conviction in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, an ignition interlock device is not required for a drug DUI, but it might be useful in order to get one’s license back sooner.

How Much Do You Rely On Scientific Evidence In Your Defense Strategies For Drug DUI Cases?

The degree to which scientific evidence will be relied upon in a drug DUI case will depend on the facts and circumstances of the particular situation. DUI cases involving alcohol rely upon the results of blood or urine tests taken within two hours of the initial stop. In some cases, arguments over the accuracy of the blood test will arise. For a DUI that potentially involves a controlled substance, the science and the degree to which it is relied upon is very fact-dependent.

Why Is It Critical To Hire An Attorney Who Has Specific Experience In Handling Drug DUI Cases?

It is important to have an attorney who understands the difference between having metabolites of a drug in one’s system and actually being under the influence of that drug. An attorney who has only handled alcohol-related DUIs may not understand the details that must be proven by the state in order to convict someone of a drug-related DUI charge.

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