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Countless situations can give way to criminal charges. For those accused of drug offenses, it’s natural to feel confused and stressed out. Unfortunately, depending on the type of narcotics charge you are facing, it’s likely that the offense will remain on your record permanently.

Because a criminal offense can cause you to lose out on employment, housing, and other opportunities, it’s crucial to have skilled legal representation to help mitigate the adverse effects of a charge or conviction.

Attorney Jennifer Congdon has over a decade of experience as a trusted lawyer for drug crime charges in East Saint Paul and greater Ramsey County. Her approach is geared toward creating a tailored strategy for each client. This attention to the unique details of your case, along with her expertise in the law, gives her an upper-hand in working to avoid a conviction of your charges.

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What Are Some Of The Most Common Drug Charges In East St. Paul?

Drug Charges Lawyer East Saint Paul Minnesota

Some of the most common drug-related offenses in the East St. Paul area include:

Congdon Law, PLLC offers a comprehensive suite of legal services for all kinds of criminal offenses. With expertise in a wide array of drug crimes defense, you can be confident that her approach will provide you with the best chance of receiving a positive outcome for your case. 

What Is The Difference Between Drug Possession and Possession With Intent To Distribute In Minnesota?

While the possession of scheduled narcotics is a serious offense in and of itself, the charge of Intent to Distribute brings even more severe consequences.

You may be charged with “Possession” if you have been found with any controlled substance (including an unprescribed prescription drug). Law enforcement may add an “Intent to Distribute” if you have certain indicators that point to actions of Drug Trafficking. 

These indicators may include things such as: 

The consequences of a conviction of these charges can include 15 years served in prison and fines of up to $100,000. However, the penalties you will face will depend greatly on the nature of the charge, the particular narcotic, and a variety of other factors specific to your case.

What Should I Do If I Have Been Contacted By Law Enforcement About A Drug Crimes Investigation in East St. Paul, Minnesota?

If you have been contacted by law enforcement regarding any ongoing criminal investigation, it’s crucial to reach out to an attorney immediately. 

Many people wait to reach out to an attorney, believing that they will be able to “explain the situation away” or that nothing can be done once charges have been brought against them.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth

If you have been contacted by an investigating officer, it’s vital that you respectfully refrain from having any conversation about the matter before getting legal counsel. Those who try to explain the situation often falsely incriminate themselves, finding themselves in even deeper trouble than they would be otherwise. 

If you are facing charges, it’s even more important to contact a drug offenses attorney. Negotiating a plea deal is rarely an option for a defendant. Your attorney will play a vital role in your case, acting as an expert intermediary between yourself, law enforcement, and prosecutors. 

Using her skill in criminal defense strategy and drug laws in Minnesota, Attorney Congdon saves her clients from the worst version of events.

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Can I Get A Drug Offense Expunged From My Record In East St. Paul, Minnesota?

Drug Charges Lawyer East Saint Paul Minnesota

In the state of Minnesota, not all drug crimes are eligible for expungement. Typically, expungements are only granted to low-level, first-time offenders.

The law for expungements of drug charges and convictions is complicated. Speaking to an attorney is the best way to understand your eligibility for expungement under the law.

What’s more, the fact that expungements are not available to all offenders only amplifies the importance of working with a drug charges lawyer as early on in your case as possible.

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