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Will The Judge Care At All That I Am A Good Person?

A defendant’s past history, reputation, actions in the community, and level of remorsefulness demonstrated at sentencing will be considered by the judge in the determination of the sentence.

Should I Tell My Attorney The Whole Truth?

If a defendant lies to their attorney, that will create conflict and force the attorney to withdraw their representation of the defendant. It’s important for a defendant to be honest with their attorney so that they attorney can provide the best advice for the particular situation at hand.

Will I Be Drug Tested By The Court Or Probation?

An individual will be drug tested by the court if that is a condition of their probation.

Will The Arresting Police Officer Be At My Court Date?

If the hearing is contested and requires testimony, then the arresting police officer may be subpoenaed to be in court. Arresting officers will not be present at regular pre-trial or scheduled hearings.

How Many Times Will I Have To Go To Court In A Typical Criminal Case?

The number of times that a defendant will have to go to court will depend on the type of charge they face, as well as how much fighting it takes to complete the case. For example, a misdemeanor offense may only require two or three court appearances, whereas a felony offense may require significantly more depending upon how complex it is and whether there will be a trial. Any case that goes to trial will definitely involve more court appearances than one that settles with a plea bargain.

What Is The Difference Between Going To Jail And Going To Prison?

In Minnesota, jail is where a person will be held pending trial if they are unable to post bail or have been sentenced to local time in the county where they were sentenced. Prison is where a person goes after they have been sentenced on a felony offense that will require more than one year in custody.

Can I Travel During My Criminal Case?

There will be no travel restrictions during a criminal case unless specifically stated by a judge. If there is a travel restriction and a defendant needs to go somewhere, they should provide all of the information to their attorney and ensure that a request for travel is made to the judge.

Can I Travel If I Am On Probation?

Someone who is on probation may be restricted from traveling and may be required to get permission from their probation officer prior to leaving the state.

What Does Discovery Mean In My Criminal Case? Do I Need To Be Concerned About It At All?

Discovery is the legal term that’s used to refer to all of the evidence that either side has in a case. For example, the discovery that a prosecutor might have would include the police report, witness statements, squad video footage, body camera video, audio statements, and photographs that were taken by law enforcement agents. It is important to know what type of evidence a prosecutor has, and a defense attorney should always ask for discovery from the prosecutor as the trial date approaches in order to ensure that everything has been disclosed.

What Is The Role Of A Prosecutor In My Criminal Case?

The prosecutor works for the state and is responsible for trying to obtain convictions on criminal matters. A prosecutor may go to trial or offer a plea deal in a case.

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