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What Should I Do If The Police Are At My Home?

If the police have a warrant, then they need to provide that to you before they enter the home. You should then open the door to prevent any damage to your property from a search taking place. If they don’t have a warrant, you have absolutely no obligation to allow them to enter your home or to do any sort of a search. If you have a lawyer, you should also call them at that time to get specific advice regarding your situation.

Can Police Say Absolutely Anything In An Interrogation? Is Anything Off Limits?

Nothing is off the table during an interrogation. Law enforcement can lie about what evidence they have and what the consequences of telling them information will be. They are free to tell you whatever they want to tell you in order to get your statement.

I Was Asked To Come Down To The Police Station Regarding An Incident. What Should I Do?

If you have been asked to visit the police station, you should contact a lawyer and bring the lawyer with you. Law enforcement is trying to take a statement from you. It is important that you bring a lawyer with you if you are going to speak to them. You also have the right not to speak with them and you can certainly ignore their request to speak about the incident.

The Police Officer Said He Will Go Easy On Me If I Cooperate. Is That True?

Law enforcement does not have the discretion to decide what a person is charged with once they refer a case for the prosecution. They do not have the authority to make a deal. Only the prosecutor has that authority. If they offer you a deal, get that information in writing and make sure that a prosecutor has signed off on it because law enforcement can lie to you. They may tell you that they will go easy on you when that is not the case.

When Do I Actually Have To Show Law Enforcement Identification?

You have to show law enforcement identification when they ask for it. If they didn’t have reason to ask for it and you are ultimately charged with a crime, then you can challenge their asking for the identification later. On a practical level, if you are asked to show them your ID, you should cooperate.

I Was Stopped By Police. Can They Order Me Out Of My Vehicle?

Under certain circumstances, police can order you out of your vehicle during a traffic stop.

I Was A Passenger In A Vehicle Stopped By The Police. What Are My Rights During A Stop?

If you are just a passenger and you are not being detained for any reason, then you do not need to stay at the scene of a traffic stop. You can leave and if law enforcement stops you and detains you, then it will be clear that you are being detained and you can choose not to make any statement. You also do not necessarily have to identify yourself if you are just a passenger.

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