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What Is The Best Advice For Someone To Act On Following An Arrest?

The best advice that I have to offer is to refrain from talking about your case with anyone other than your attorney. If there is a drug, alcohol or mental health issue, then my advice is to seek treatment right away. Doctors and therapists are great partners in helping determine how we proceed and how we fight the case. They may have insights as far as what was going on in the person’s head at the time of the incident, which could provide an explanation for the client’s actions that perhaps even the client was unaware of.

How Can Someone Know Where Their Family Member Or Friend Has Been Taken After An Arrest?

It’s likely that they were taken to the local jurisdiction’s police department or the county jail of the city in which they were arrested. If they are going to be booked into jail and kept for any amount of time, then it is going to be a county jail. So, it would be difficult to know exactly where they are without having a good idea of where they were arrested.

How Can I Immediately Find A Competent Attorney If A Loved One Is Arrested?

It certainly helps to have an attorney on board who can help walk you through the process of finding your loved one. In addition, a lawyer can inform a defendant’s family members that asking about what happened could end up hurting the client. It is absolutely a benefit to contact an attorney as soon as you know that your loved one is in custody and may be charged with a crime.

The best way to find a qualified attorney is by talking with them, asking about their experience, and asking them how many successful trials they have had in the past. Word of mouth is certainly one way to find an attorney, but if you’re just doing a Google search, you can learn a lot by how much the attorney is willing to talk to you and answer general questions. It is certainly advisable to find an attorney who has specific knowledge regarding the type of offense with which your loved one has been charged.

Can An Attorney Help My Friend Or Family Member Get Out Of Jail Right Away?

It is possible that an attorney could help get someone out of jail, but if that person is going to be charged, then they may have to wait to see a judge. If the attorney knows what the charges are going to be, then they can ask a judge to set bail before the person is charged. Under certain circumstances, that could allow for the person to bail out of custody sooner rather than waiting to see a judge.

Can Someone Change Their Attorney At Any Time In A Criminal Case?

You can absolutely switch attorneys. If someone decides to switch attorneys, it is unlikely that the original attorney will be able to keep all of the money that was paid to them. They should be paid only for the time they spent on the case. So, don’t feel that you can’t switch just because you’ve already paid someone; the ethical rules will dictate the amount of the refund that you may be entitled to.

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