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What Happens To My Driving Privileges After I Am Released?

On a first offense DUI, you will receive notice of a 90-day driver’s license revocation (as long as your blood alcohol was less than 0.16%. If your blood alcohol content was 0.16 or greater, or if you refused to take a blood alcohol test, your revocation period will be longer. That revocation will begin seven days after you receive the notice. So, you can certainly drive yourself home from the jail if your car is nearby. You’ll likely still have your physical license, but they may have clipped the corner of it.

What Are Some Common Mistakes People Make After Being Arrested?

Many people will immediately start posting messages on social media about their arrest. Depending on how much information is put out there by the person who was arrested, their statements could be used against them. If they admit to the crime or post a picture of their involvement with the crime, then law enforcement will use it against them.

The other mistake that people make is deciding to talk to their families about what happened. Once someone tells a family member something, that family member becomes a witness against the defendant. As such, that family member could be called as a witness and required to talk about what the defendant said or admitted to. The only person with whom you should be discussing your case is your lawyer.

Will I Have A Criminal Court Appearance In The First Month After An Arrest?

Whether you have a criminal court appearance in the first month after an arrest will depend on the type of case you have and whether or not you are still in custody. If you are arrested and charged, you will see a judge who sets bail or other conditions of release. If you’re unable to afford the bail that is set, then it is likely that your court date will take place within a month because you’ll be put on a faster track than if you were out of custody. If you are out of custody, it’s very possible that your next hearing will be a couple of months down the road. This is very dependent on the court calendar and the severity of the offense.

How Often Should I Expect To Meet With My Attorney In The First Month After An Arrest?

You can expect to have an initial meeting with the attorney in the first month after an arrest. If you retain that person, they will need some time to get the police reports and any evidence that the state has against you. You will usually only meet with the attorney one time within the first 30 days unless there is a lot of active investigation that needs to take place.

Is There Any Sort Of Pre-Trial Probation In The First Month After An Arrest?

If you saw a judge who released you with conditions, then it’s possible that you are on pre-trial probation. The conditions could be anything from staying in contact with your lawyer to showing up for random drug and alcohol testing. So, you may have to meet with a probation office or a probation officer within those first 30 days.

Is It Advisable To Start Voluntary Pre-Trial Counseling After An Arrest?

Seeking treatment for a chemical or mental health issue is never going to hurt your case. If you are released from custody on a drug case or DWI, getting into treatment, visit and starting down that path of bettering yourself is going to help in the long run. The fact that you’re seeking treatment is not admissible as evidence that you actually committed the crime of which you are accused. Seeking treatment may help show to a judge that you’re taking your situation seriously and that you sought help before it was court-ordered.

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