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What Can Someone Expect When They Call Your Office As A Potential Client?

When someone calls my office as a potential client or even a returning client, they can expect that someone can answer the phone for them whether that person is me or someone who is working for me and answering my phone if I am out of the office, they can expect that they will get some personal service. As far as the information they are required to provide, they should be prepared to talk about the type of charge, the county or the location where it happened and when the next potential court date might be. Those are all really important pieces of information for me to start evaluating the case. Beyond that, we talk about whatever the person would like to do; either meet with me or have a phone conference.

Will I Meet With You Prior To Deciding If I Want To Hire Your Firm?

Absolutely. I always do free initial consultations. So, anybody who calls my office and wants to meet with me to discuss their case, I will absolutely find the time to do that. We will meet in person if that is their preference. If it’s difficult for them to find the time to come to my office, I’m happy to meet or do a phone conference and they can also email me the initial documents that they have so that I have a full understanding of what they are facing and what they are looking for representation on.

What Can I Expect In My First Meeting With A Criminal Defense Attorney?

In the first meeting please bring any paperwork that you’ve received either from the prosecutor or the court or the jail or the police. You can expect that I will review that documentation, give you an overview of what the charges mean, what the worst case scenario may be, what the best case scenario may be and then we can potentially start talking about the facts of the case from the client’s perspective. Oftentimes what’s charged in a complaint is a skewed version that was written by the prosecutor and it is not entirely accurate. I want to make sure that I am understanding from the client’s point of view so I can begin addressing that and also begin to think about what strategy we may take and what further investigation may need to be done on the defense side to be able to present a complete defense that will benefit the client in the long run.

What Should I Bring To My Criminal Defense Attorney?

Bring any paperwork that you’ve received from the court, from a prosecutor, from the jail, from the police, in the mail, whether it was handed to you in person. Bring in any document that you think might be at all connected to your case so I can quickly sort through them and look for what’s relevant and what’s important but having those documents makes the initial consultation much better for both of us because I can get more information and I can give better information.

How Often Will I Meet With My Attorney During The Pendency Of My Case?

How often we communicate during the case is really client specific. Some clients want weekly updates and if that’s the case, I am happy to provide that, other clients only want to hear from me when there is something actually happening or there is some new development of their case. Oftentimes, with criminal cases, it takes quite a bit of time between court appearances and there isn’t always going to be an update every week. So it’s up to the client how often they want to hear from me and many times clients don’t want to hear anything unless I have something to report that is of significance or that they need to make a decision on but we will certainly meet to talk before any court appearance and as often as the client wishes.

Of course, if they have a question which comes up in the middle of the night, they can email me or call me the next day and we can talk through it. Anytime the client has a question, I will answer it and then we’ll meet to confer as often as they like.

Will Anyone Else Be Working On My Case If I Hire Your Firm?

The other people who work on your case would be perhaps an investigator, if we have to hire someone to go out and do witness interviews that perhaps police didn’t do or didn’t do well enough. So oftentimes we have an investigator. In certain cases, there may be an interpreter involved if the client does not speak English or a witness does not speak English. Sometimes if a person is pleading guilty and we are going to be arguing for a particular sentence, we may hire what’s called a dispositional advisor and that’s somebody who helps us make arguments for why the person should get a lesser sentence or a lesser severe sentence. I am the only attorney in the firm so I do all of the legal work but those other types of people are often helpful in achieving good results for our clients and whether we hire them is ultimately up to the client.

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