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How Many Criminal Cases Does Your Firm Handle At A Time?

How many I handle each year varies by the severity of the cases, it’s just how many I have at any given time. I’d say on average, there are between 10 to 15 cases going on at any given time. However, if I am working on a homicide case that is going to take a lot more time and energy than perhaps a misdemeanor offense would. So I am very mindful of that when I take on a new case and I always make sure that clients understand what the time commitments are on my part for their case and what other things they have going on I a similar timeframe so they can know when to expect updates from me and how best to get a hold of me in a certain timeframe where I am in court with another client.

Do You Bill By The Hour Or Do You Charge a Flat Fee For Handling Criminal Cases?

I always charge a flat fee for criminal cases.

Are There Payment Plans Available If Someone Is In Need?

Yes, payment plans can be available. I also have financing available through finance companies so if someone prefers that option we can also discuss that as well.

What Additional Legal Expenses May Be Incurred In My Criminal Case?

The additional expenses that may come up would be if we have to hire additional people to work on the case. So the investigator, if we have to hire an expert witness to testify about perhaps a medical issue or something of that nature or the dispositional advisor. Those people are all separate outside contractors that I regularly bring in to work on cases but they are paid separately from my fees.

How Do You Keep Up To Date On Changing Laws And Procedures In Minnesota?

Very week the Minnesota Court of Appeals and Minnesota Supreme Court send out summaries of new cases that they have decided. I always make sure to read the summaries. I regularly do research and attend classes to make sure that I’m keeping up with any new developments and because I’m a certified criminal law specialist, I have an additional obligation in order to maintain my certification to make sure that all my continuing legal education classes are in relevant criminal law subjects. So I make sure that I’m taking classes that I’m always reading and just generally researching because I find criminal law very interesting.

Do You Belong To Any Professional Organizations? What Training Or Certification Do You Have?

Yes. I’m a certified criminal law specialist. That certification is through the Minnesota Bar Association. I am also a member of the Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers as well as the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. I also belong to 3 local bar associations, the Dakota County Bar Association, Ramsey County Bar Association and the Hennepin County Bar Association.

How Often Do You Appear In The Courthouse Where My Case Will Be Heard?

I regularly travel to all of the courthouses in the metro area so I can say I regularly appear in those courthouses. Depending on the county I appear in some more than others. For example, I’d say probably about 80% of my work is in Dakota County. So if your case is in Dakota County, I spend multiple days per week at that courthouse. So I’m generally very familiar with some of the metro courthouses. I am occasionally hired to represent people in out of state cases and those counties where I don’t get to very often but the process is generally the same, my legal knowledge is the same and I make myself at home in those courthouses when I go there too.

How Familiar Are You With Judges Or Prosecutors That Might Be Handling My Case?

I have been in practice for almost 8 years up to this point. It will be 8 years in October of 2018 so I am very familiar with some of the judges, with many of the prosecutors and have dealt with either them or their office on some occasion.

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