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How Do I Pay The Bond That A Judge Sets In My Case?

An individual can post the entire amount of bail or use a bail bondsman to pay the bail. Most bail bondsmen will charge at least a 10 percent fee which will not be returned at the end of the case.

Will Police Ever Come To My House And Arrest Me?

If law enforcement agents have a warrant for someone’s arrest or have probable cause to believe that a person has committed a crime fairly recently, then they might show up at that person’s home and conduct an arrest. Additionally, a warrant will be issued if you fail to appear in court as scheduled.

Can I Have A Court Date Changed?

It is possible to change a court date with good cause or good reason. Oftentimes, the attorney will explain the situation to the prosecutor and see if they have any objection to changing the court date.

What If I Can’t Get To My Court Appointment Or Court Date?

If someone is having transportation issues on the day of court, they should contact their attorney right away so the court has an explanation as to why they were not present. If someone knows ahead of time that they will be unable to make it to court, then they should see if their attorney can arrange to have the court date moved.

I’ve Never Been In Trouble Before Or Charged With A Crime. Does The Prosecutor Care?

Under certain circumstances, prosecutors have discretion to offer good deals to people who have no criminal history. For example, if someone with a clean record commits a property offense such as theft, the prosecutor might offer a diversion program, which would allow them to perform community service, take classes, and/or pay restitution in exchange for the case being dismissed and never going on their record. It is possible to complete a diversion program for assault charges as well, but this will depend on the discretion of the prosecutor and the nature of the assault.

What If An Alleged Victim Doesn’t Want To Press Charges Or Recants Allegations? Will My Case Automatically Be Dismissed?

If an alleged victim or witness wants the case dropped but they are not changing their story, then the case is not going to be dropped. Ultimately, it’s the prosecutor who decides when charges are dropped—not the victim or witness. That being said, if a witness changes their story from what they originally reported, then it will be more difficult for a prosecutor to move forward with the case.

Will The Victim Hire An Attorney To Prosecute Me?

The victim will not hire an attorney to prosecute the defendant; all prosecutions are handled by the state.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney? Can I Even Afford One?

The cost of hiring a criminal defense attorney will depend on several factors, including the severity of the offense and the defendant’s criminal history.

Should I Use A Public Defender?

If an individual does not have the finances to hire an attorney, then they should absolutely choose to be represented by a public defender. However, if an individual does have the funds to hire their own attorney, it may be well worth it, as the caseloads of private attorneys are often much lower than the caseloads of public defenders. In addition, an individual may feel more comfortable working with an attorney whom they selected, rather than one assigned to them by the state.

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