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How Can Someone Get Out Of Jail After Being Arrested?

If someone has already appeared in front of a judge and bail has been set, then they can get out of jail by paying the bond or bail amount. In some cases, bail will be set by an automatic process before someone has appeared in front of a judge, in which case they would still pay the necessary amount of bond in order to be released. If someone is in custody and they haven’t seen a judge or bail has not been set, then a judge would need to become involved. Most counties have an overnight on-call judge for when someone needs to have bail set. In those situations, the bail is generally going to be set at the maximum amount under the statute because there won’t be a prosecutor there to weigh in on the situation.

What Conditions Might A Judge Place On Someone Before They Are Released From Jail?

Prior to being released from jail, someone will generally be told that they must remain law-abiding and return to court for the next court appearance. Depending upon the type of charge the person is facing, additional conditions might apply. For example, if someone received a drug or alcohol-related charge, then they may be prohibited from using drugs or alcohol as a condition of their release from jail. In addition, they might be restricted from travelling outside of the state. If someone received a charge involving an alleged assault, then they might be prohibited from having any contact with the alleged victim.

What Are Pre-trial Services And What Do They Do?

Pre-trial services do not exist in every county, but the purpose of them is to monitor the conditions put in place by the court. For example, if someone has been prohibited from using drugs or alcohol as a condition of their release from jail, then pre-trial services may check to ensure that they have abided by that condition by having that individual take a drug test. If someone has complied with the conditions of pre-trial services, then they can usually be released without having to pay a monetary bail.

Does Hiring A Lawyer To Get Someone Released Require A Co-Signer Of Any Sort?

Hiring a lawyer to get someone released does not necessarily require a co-signer; it just requires paying the attorney’s fee for the work required to get the individual released. Hiring a bail bonds company to post a bail may require a co-signer, but this will depend on the specific company that is hired and on the amount of bail that’s being posted. For a significant amount of bond, a bonding company may require a co-signer or some sort of collateral before posting on the defendant’s behalf.

How Long Does The Process Take To Get Someone Released Once I Hire An Attorney?

The length of time that it will take to get someone released from jail will depend on the specific situation. For example, if it’s two in the morning on a Saturday, then locating the on-call judge may take several hours, or until the following day. It’s also possible that the judge could decline to impose bail and just say that the person needs to appear in court. Either way, the process can take anywhere from a couple of hours to several days, and may not be successful in the end.

Can I Visit My Loved One In Jail?

Whether or not someone will be able to visit their loved one in jail will depend on the policy of the jail in which they’re being held. In most places, an individual must be on a visiting list and have an approved visiting time in order to see their loved one. This means that visiting a loved one immediately after they’ve been arrested is unlikely. That being said, attorneys have greater privileges and more flexibility than family members, and as a result, they would be able to visit an individual in jail much quicker than a family member.

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