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What Are The Gun And Weapon Related Charges That You Handle?

The most common weapon charge I see is an ineligible person in possession of a firearm. Those happen when someone already has a prior felony record that prohibits them from possessing a firearm, and they are accused of being in possession of a weapon. That is the most frequent. It’s termed felon in possession in the court world.

What Are The Laws Surrounding Guns In Minnesota?

Minnesota has an interesting gun law philosophy because we have laws on the books that allow people to have permits to carry firearms and you do not need to conceal them. If you have a permit to carry a firearm, you can carry it openly, and that’s completely fine. That being said, if you are caught as an ineligible person in possession of a firearm, the laws are incredibly strict. You could be facing at a minimum, a gross misdemeanor offense. In most cases, a felony offense carries a mandatory prison sentence.

What Is Considered An Unlawful Use Of Weapon Charges In Minnesota?

Unlawful use would most likely be somebody who discharges his or her firearm negligently. If you are one of those people, who carries, whether legally or illegally, and you discharge your firearm by accident, that’s going to be a criminal charge for negligent use or negligent storage of a firearm.

How Can A Gun Or A Weapon Related Charge Be Enhanced Or Aggravated?

They could be aggravated depending on the type of weapon you have. They could be aggravated depending on your prior record if you have had previous felonies. You are going to be facing a mandatory prison sentence. If you have a previous weapon’s offense, it’s going to be an even further increased mandatory sentence.

What Are The Penalties Associated With Gun Related Convictions In Minnesota?

In general, if charged with a crime of violence in Minnesota or any other state, you are going to be prohibited from possession of any firearm. If you are caught with a firearm, you are looking at a five-year mandatory minimum sentence if convicted of being an ineligible person in possession of a firearm.

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