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If you have been arrested for drug distribution or sales, it is important that you seek the advice of a qualified Minnesota criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. A conviction on these types of charges can result in extremely severe penalties and do irreparable harm to your future.

At Congdon Law, PLLC, I provide strategic defense representation in a wide variety of drug sales and trafficking cases. My knowledge of the law and experience with drug sales cases allow me to provide much more effective legal solutions for my clients. I understand the tactics law enforcement agencies use to build their cases, and I know how to build a strong defense to counter them.

I represented a 35-year-old Spanish-speaking Hennepin County man being investigated for selling marijuana out of his house. After discussing the matter with police detectives, my client was not charged.

Skillful Defense In Any Minnesota Drug Sales Case

Many of my clients are arrested following a series of sales to undercover police officers or confidential informants. Others are arrested for sales or intent because they are found in possession of a large quantity of drugs and/or packaging materials such as baggies or scales. There are numerous defense strategies that can be used to overcome these charges, and I will find the one that gives you the best chance of avoiding a conviction.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest, it may be possible to overcome the charges based on an illegal search. Flaws in the warrant, overstepping the authority of the warrant and other issues can create the foundation for an effective defense. Even in situations where the police have you on tape making a sale, I may be able to negotiate a lesser sentence. I keep all options open and do everything I can to obtain a positive result on your behalf.

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