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If you are convicted of any type of drug crime in Minnesota, there is a good chance that it will remain on your criminal record for the rest of your life. A criminal record for a drug offense can negatively impact your life in many different ways, and it is critical that you have a qualified attorney beside you from the start.

At Congdon Law, PLLC, I provide aggressive defense representation against charges for all types of drug crimes. I have a complete understanding of Minnesota criminal law, and I know the rights of people who have been accused of a violation. You can rely on me to utilize every legal resource at my disposal in an effort to avoid a conviction on your record.

I represented a 45-year-old Dakota County woman who was charged with possession of prescription pills without a prescription. I challenged the search of my client’s purse as unconstitutional. The judge agreed with me, and all charges were dismissed against my client.

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Every drug offense case is unique, and the circumstances surrounding your individual situation will dictate the defense options that are available to you. I will conduct a thorough examination of your case and the evidence against you, looking for any flaws in the prosecution’s case and use that information to build the strongest possible defense on your behalf.

I have experience defending clients facing charges for all types of drug crimes, including:

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