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Domestic violence is an offense that involves two people who are related by blood, are or have been married, have an intimate relationship, currently live or have lived in the same household, or have a child together. Physical harm does not have to take place in order for a person to be charged with domestic violence. A person’s reasonable fear of harm can be enough for police to remove an alleged abuser from his or her home.

Problems in these cases frequently arise when an alleged victim claims domestic violence when no violence has occurred or claims to be the victim when he or she was actually the aggressor. If you have been arrested for domestic violence or a restraining order has been issued against you, it is essential that you contact a qualified St. Paul criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

I represented a 42-year-old Dakota County man who was charged with domestic assault. I fully investigated the matter and prepared the case for trial. The alleged victim made new statements recanting her original story, and all charges were dismissed on the day of trial.

I represented a client charged with malicious punishment of a child in Ramsey County. My client was accused of breaking his son’s leg. After a thorough cross-examination of the State’s expert and presentation of my client’s case, the jury found him NOT GUILTY in less than 30-minutes.

Fighting To Protect Your Rights And Your Freedom

At Congdon Law, PLLC, I represent clients who are facing charges for domestic violence. I understand the impact that these accusations can have on your ability to see your children and have access to your home. I will be there to represent you at every stage of the process, working to ensure that you do not suffer because of a false allegation. If a restraining order has been issued against you, I will work to minimize its interference with your ability to live a normal life.

It is important to understand that, even if accusers recant their stories and say that they overreacted, the state can still move forward without their testimony. A conviction in these cases can result in extremely severe penalties, including the loss of your right to possess a firearm. I will do everything I can to avoid a conviction in your case and seek a resolution that fully protects your rights.

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