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Can I Try To Get Someone Out Of Jail Immediately On A Weekend?

It’s possible to get someone out of jail late at night on a weekend, but doing so would depend upon the on-call judge’s willingness to set bail.

Does Any Of The Money Spent On Bail Bondsmen Go Towards My Case?

The money spent for a bail bonding company does not get returned and does not go toward case representation; it stays with the bonding company. If an attorney is hired to contact a judge or prosecutor to try to get someone out of custody earlier than their court appearance, the associated fee will depend on the particular arrangement one has with that attorney. Oftentimes, an attorney will agree to credit the money towards the ultimate representation—assuming that the person does get charged and has to continue going into court. However, that’s a matter of negotiation between the attorney and the client.

What Is Bond Forfeiture? Can I Get A Person Out Of Jail Who Has One?

Bond forfeiture would occur if someone was arrested, posted a bond, and then failed to show up for their court appearance. A bond is intended as a way to incentivize appearing in court. If someone posted a $500 bond on a $5,000 bail and the $500 was forfeited, then they would have to pay the entire $5000 to the bonding company. It is possible to get bond reinstated and to be re-released from jail, but that’s dependent upon the facts of a case and the judge in front of whom one appears. If someone turns themselves in soon after they miss their court date, then it will be much more likely that they will have their bond reinstated and be released without having to post additional money and without losing the balance of the bail that was already paid.

My Loved One Has a Bond Set As Cash Or Surety. Can I Still Hire An Attorney To Get Them Out?

If a person has appeared in front of a judge who set bail as cash, an attorney could still be hired in order to request a second bail hearing to have the amount reduced. If someone pays a cash bail to the court directly, then they will have the opportunity to get their money back at the conclusion of the case, assuming that they made all of their court appearances.

If I Hire An Attorney To Get Someone Out Of Jail And They Are Not Able To Do So, Will I Get My Money Back?

If someone hired an attorney to get someone out of jail and the attorney was unable to do so, the individual who hired that attorney probably won’t get their money back unless that attorney made an explicit guarantee that the person would be released from jail.

If There Is A Warrant Out For My Arrest, Can An Attorney Take Care Of It Without Me Being Arrested?

If there is a warrant out for someone’s arrest, their attorney might be able to take care of it before they get arrested. However, this will depend on the policy in the county where the warrant was issued. Oftentimes, a bail will be set at the same time as a warrant is issued, which allows for a fairly quick process that involves showing up at the jail with the bail bonding agent and paying the bill right away, thereby avoiding being taken into custody. If there is a warrant out for someone’s arrest and there is no bail set or attached to it, then an attorney will have to file a motion in the case to have the bail set. At that point, the individual would have to appear with the bail bonds company and have the bail paid immediately in order to avoid any lingering time in custody.

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