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Can I Be Charged With a Crime If I Accidentally Discharged My Gun?

Reckless discharge of a firearm requires the government to prove that you were in possession of a firearm that discharged, and that discharge was due to your recklessness. No one has to be hurt and no property needs to be damaged. The mere fact that the gun was discharged is enough.

What Is The Legal Process For Carrying A Firearm In Your Vehicle In Minnesota?

There are two types of permits that you need to carry a firearm. You can have a permit to purchase and a permit to carry. If you have a permit to carry in Minnesota, you can carry a firearm on your person or in your vehicle. It does not need to be stored in any particular manner. If you don’t have a permit to carry but you have a permit to purchase, then your firearm needs to be in a case with the ammunition separate from the firearm; the gun cannot be carried loaded.

What Is The Proper Protocol To Deal With Law Enforcement If You Have A Firearm In Your Car?

If you are stopped for a minor traffic offense and the firearm is unloaded in a case in your trunk, that’s not a situation where I would advise anyone to alert law enforcement that they have a firearm. It would most likely escalate the traffic stop. If it’s a situation where you’re being asked to step out of your vehicle and you have a firearm on your person, you absolutely should let them know, so that they can take that away from you before the interaction continues.

If you have a permit to carry, you should let them know that you have a permit for carrying a firearm and where they can find it. Move very slowly, keep your hands above your head, so they can see them at all times, and try to make sure that the officer feels in control to avoid escalation.

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